Course of Studies, Examinations and Promotions

  1. Course of Studies include Moral Science, English Language, English Literature, Hindi, Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Computer Studies, Sanskrit, History, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Training, Yoga, Art, Music, and many co- curricular activities.
  2. No student is allowed to offer any subject which is not regularly taught in the school or provided for in the approved scheme of studies.
  3. Keeping large options of subjects provided by the COUNCIL in ICSE (Cl. X) and ISC (Cl. XII) in view, the school will provide a regular teacher for a subject if the number of optees for that subject is more than 10.
  4. When a student is admitted on a Transfer Certificate, he/she will not be placed in any class higher than that for which the certificate shows him/her to be qualified, nor will he/she be promoted before the end of the school year.

Promotion Criteria:

  • Pre-Primary: No formal examinations will be conducted for Nursery and KG classes. Assessment of students will be carried out by the teachers in the students’ day to day work and month end evaluations. Unit tests, half-yearly and final exams will be conducted, as directed by the Council, from Class I onward.
  • Primary Classes (I – V): Students must reach a satisfactory standard (score 35% marks) in English, Hindi and Mathematics and score, at least, 30% marks in other scholastic subjects. Continuous evaluation of students’ performance in non-scholastic subjects will be carried out. A minimum grade of D is needed to grant him/her the promotion.
  • Middle Classes (VI – VIII): Students must pass (score 40% marks) in English, Hindi and Mathematics and attain a satisfactory standard (score 35% marks) in other prescribed subjects at the examinations. Continuous evaluation will be done in non-scholastic subjects and a minimum grade of D is needed for promotion.
  • Secondary and Senior Secondary Classes (IX – XII): As per rules of the Council for ISCE.
  • The evaluation of work of the students should be on the basis of both the result of the examinations and of the work done during the year. The Principal will be the final judge of a student’s fitness for promotion. A detained student will not be considered for promotion or retest.
  • Students absent from any examination will not be examined subsequently, nor will a student be examined before or after the due date of the examination, whatever the reason may be. Those absent in an examination without any serious reason will be considered as having failed in that examination. In case of illness, a medical certificate will have to be produced.
  • Absence from whole or part of an examination will exclude the student from being reckoned in the order of merit and from receiving a prize or scholarship at the end of the school academic year.
  • If any student shall be found using dishonest means during an examination, forging signatures and/or changing marks, he/she will be liable to be dismissed from the school.
  • The course of studies followed leads to (a) Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (Class X) and (b) Indian School Certificate Examination (Class XII).
  • Students failing/absenting in pre-board examinations may not be given the Admit Card for appearing in the Board Examinations. Students/Parents will be made to sign an undertaking to this effect after the Half-Yearly Examinations.
  • 75% attendance is a must for all students of the school for getting promotion to next class.